About ShopPop.no

This is us

Shoppop.no is a online store with clothes & accessories ....and lots of t-shirts. We love t-shirts !!! We also love to design and ..colors! Lot`s of colors. Colors makes you feel happy & positive.

Lene, who is a creative soul and who wanted to create her own workplace when she lost her job, is the owner of this shop.

Lena CEO shoppop boss

We design everything ourselves and on request from you customers. If you have a design or a name you would like on one of our products please get in touch. Maybe a great gift for a girlfriend or a friend. Give a more personalized gift with the engraving of the names of our jewelry. Here are many opportunities so take a look.

If you want to do it yourself then customize products here https://shoppop.no/pages/customizer 

Our main office is in Oslo but we sell to all over the world

Our customers means everything to us, and our goal is to be unique and outstanding in customer service so can`t find what you are looking for then get in touch!

Our business information:

Org. nr. 921 092 539